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Love this little bot!

Such a great little scrubber and cleaner. Goes up all stairs and scrubs everything. I have this cordless bot cleaning bottom and sides and the solar betta bot skimming the top. Since I purchased these 2 bots my duties are limited and now I only need to pay for chemical service.

Buy this

Ive had pools for 25 years and always had a Polaris attached to the pool. The tube is annoying and the vacuum isn’t excellent. When my Polaris broke from the pool, my pool guy suggested a wireless robot cleaner. I did not know they exist. I searched on Amazon and read the reviews. I steered to the least expensive ones since I was skeptical, and people liked this one.
I didn’t buy through Amazon. I bought through the WYBOT site to support the business and the delivery was faster. It arrived as promised. I got it out of the box and plugged it in the get charged. Then I downloaded the app, registered it and chose my clean pattern. That all took 10 mins.
Once it was charged, I took it to the pool, turned it on and dropped it in. After a few seconds, it was off to work! Two hours later (it may have taken less time, but that’s when I checked) my pool was a clean as the pool guys leave it. I attached the hook (provided by WYBOT) to the end of my skimmer pole and retrieved the device. I wouldn’t say it is light, but I had no problem as an older woman. I opened the top, removed the filter and hosed it out, replaced it and plugged it back in for the next time.
I live in a neighborhood with mature trees and my neighbor’s enormous maple hangs way over the fence. I get a lot of leaves. This robot is a game changer for me. I can do it daily if I want, even more, and I have a sparkling pool. I will even be able to keep the pool open earlier when all those helicopter seeds fall and later when the leaves fall. Yay!
I was skeptical. I was proven wrong. This thing is great and so much better than a Polaris. I love it. I heartily recommend it!


I definitely recommend this wybot . I read the reviews before buying. I heard it would get stuck periodically. My first cleaning job it got stuck about 2-3 times in an hours time. I stayed out there and watched it the whole time. Just got the hook and helped it along. It picks up the dirt that’s down it the creases, leafs and rust that layed on the bottom.

WYBOT OSPREY 200 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Gayle L.
Works great

This vacuum is doing a nice job on our 13x25 kidney shaped pool. Just wish we bought it sooner. It saves us work in the heat.

Mr Tasty

So far so good. I’m not super sure about the app and operating it, but working on it. Cleans really and filter basket is easy to clean.

Wybot S1 Rock!!!

Does everything, I love the way it operate.

WYBOT Osprey 300 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Just received it a few days ago vacuumed three times so for. First time had to fix setting cause he would just go back and forth. Once i adjusted the setting he was off to the racers i was blown away how debris was in the filter. My cousin bought a robot vac spent three times as much and i fell this one did the same job. Hoping he keeps working this well. Time will tell.

WYBOT Osprey 200 Max Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
This swimming pool robot is more suitable

This swimming pool robot is more suitable, and the cleaning speed is fast. Because of the spring, the catkins outside the yard flew into the swimming pool, and there were small bugs come into the swimming pool every night, and the swimming pool needed more cleaning. Possibly a matter of the robot's size, it often gets stuck on the protruding drain cover under my pool. If its anti-obstacle ability is stronger, I may be more satisfied. I hope more people can see its advantages and disadvantages.

WYBOT Grampus 400 Corded Robotic Pool Cleaner
Seeing is believing.

Pictures speak for themselves. Picked up all sand, rocks, and leaves. My pool looks so much better. Great investment.

WYBOT Grampus 800 Corded Robotic Pool Cleaner
Hu X.
easy to use

My pool is surrounded by trees, so it's prone to getting leaves and other debris in the water. But with this robot, I don't have to worry about spending hours manually cleaning the pool anymore.This product is incredibly efficient and does a thorough job of cleaning both the floor and walls of my pool.

WYBOT Grampus 800 Corded Robotic Pool Cleaner
Amazing…it picks up dead algae and sand

It climbs walls and has an amazing suction. Definitely picks up way more than my other used to. This is my second time ordering a robot vacuum on Amazon. The first one from another company was horrible so I was skeptical and there’s so many to choose from online.
Now I will have to say I had questions when I first opened it. It was wet but clean and had small specks in the baskets, also the initial power and suction seemed weak. So I contacted their customer service department/ Amazon to get in contact with me.
While I was waiting, I did some troubleshooting for the power and the suction on the wall. After reading that part of the troubleshooting in the manual, it said for me to put these four foam pads that are included with the robot on. It changed the power and suction to + 100%. When they finally contacted me, I was able to give them a good news and tell them how wonderful their pool vacuum was.
Now it is rather big and heavy but I had a caddy from
my pre is Robot that worked out perfect. So if you don’t have a caddy I advise that you get one. I also got the extended warranty to.

WYBOT Osprey 300 II Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
The little pool vacuum that COULD

I was really torn on what pool vacuum to get but ultimately I decided on this one AND BOY AM I GLAD. There's a section of my pool that I can't reach with my net and all the dirt and random objects my toddlers throw in the pool all congregate there. After trying several cheaper vacuums that didn't work this one is a godsend. It's faster but also bigger than I expected. It picked up leaves, dirt, and even glitter (toddlers are menaces). It took only about thirty minutes to clean the majority of my inground pool. I definitely recommend!

WYBOT OSPREY 200 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Capable and efficient

This cleaner works great right out of the box. But I suggest you should give it a full charge first after you receive the shipment, otherwise you will only be able to use it for a few minutes like I did. But the situation was quickly changed, after I gave the machine a charging operation. It was moving around my pool like a little elf. Perhaps you will not visually see its effect at first, because it takes time. I put the machine in the pool before I left the house and when I came home I was rewarded with an immaculately clean pool. I am very happy with this device.

WYBOT Osprey 300 Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Pool Cleaner

The vacuum is easy. Just drop it in and let it do the work. It is easy to remove from the pool, clean, and recharge for next time. I have been using it for 2 weeks. We had a lot of debris in the bottom of the pool. Its doing a great job. I am very happy with this purchase so far.

I love this thing

I love this so far. We put our pool in 51 years ago and have been through probable 4 or 5 other pool sweeps over the years. I've always stuck to one brand and I don't think I'm supposed to use their name but it's the ones with the pump motor and the bag on top and probably the top seller.

The reason that I was interested in this one was the cost of running the other pump. It runs for 1 to 2 hrs a day and on 220 power it takes a LOT of electricity. PLUS the unit (pool sweep and pump) are very expensive and it's a hassle to replace the pump.

I put in some pictures of the box that this one comes in and the instructions (not many) and pictures of the little guy on the bottom and a short movie of it cleaning the tile. The tile cleaning is one of my favorite features, all my other sweeps never did that. We had a very windy day so I took some pics of the leaves on the bottom before it started and when it was done, everything was cleaned up. There was also a lot of fine grit and fine dirt that was on the bottom.

It climbs the walls easily and is kinda fun to watch. The instructions say, it even learns your pool over time so I does a thorough job. It does take 3 to 4 hours to charge but now I only clean the pool a couple of times a week. It will also be a lot easier not having to remove the other kind of sweep every time we go swimming.

Compared to the other brand and its pricing, I think this is a very good value and I love that our electric bill will go down.

WYBOT Osprey 200 Max Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Cordless, Lightweight, Long Run time

First impressions of the Osprey 200 Max.
Asthetics of the device on point, I appreciate when consideration is taken into how the device looks and has been designed along with the performance.
Sharp looking piece of equipment, nice compact, lightweight design for ease of movability to pool.
It’s cordless, battery run 5200mAh, will last aprox 100 Mins run time, can cover up to 862sq ft. (Comes with recharger cable)
Overall good spec.

Nice job by Wybot. Nice purchase.


As a pool owner, I've been struggling to find a pool cleaner that does a good job without needing extra equipment. But this cleaner has been a lifesaver. First off, the app is intuitive and easy to use. I can choose different cleaning paths based on my pool's shape and the robot will do its thing. No more awkwardly trying to maneuver a pool cleaner around my pool. It's also cordless, so I don't have to deal with hoses or pumps anymore. And the cleaning performance is fantastic. It's strong enough to pick up leaves, sand, and even larger debris without any trouble. I love that it can clean the walls and waterline too. The battery life is impressive as well - it can run around 90 minutes on a single charge. And the self-parking feature is a great touch - it makes it super easy to retrieve the robot when it's done cleaning. Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use and effective pool cleaner.

powder strong

I buy this one for my 12*12 pool. I am so busy work. I do not have so much long time to clean my pool. but summer come. my kids really want play. I thought to pay weekly pool guy to come and clean my pool. but that was very expensive for pay every I try buy the machine to clean themself.It climbs the wall easy. I really need it. the wall looks dirty. my kids never play. and I do not have cage over my pool. then when it windy. leaves blows into the water. it is hard to clean. this cleaner clean fast. and moves easy over the save me a lot time.quality so far so good. the Battery strong too. it worth money .

WYBOT Hyson 100 Handheld Pool Vacuum
Surprisingly effective pool vacuum

This caught my eye because I have a spa together with my pool. The spa is difficult to clean because to robot vacuum can't cross over from the pool to the spa. In order to vacuum my spa, I have to disconnect the robot vacuum, add another length of hose, attach the manual vacuum head, then turn the main filter on and then manually vacuum the spa.

This unit is rechargeable and lightweight. The handle that comes attached is very short so I can't imagine using it very often, if at all. I attached the supplied pole, which is longer, but not long enough to avoid having to bend over unless you physically get into the spa.

Turning it on was easy, just press the power button then place the unit in the water. Immediately it began to pick up leaves and the tiny pebbles that were in the spa. It did a very nice job picking up and retaining the debris in the basket area of the vacuum. As you can see in my pictures, it picked up quite a bit for a short test run. Once I turned it off, I was very careful in pressing the plastic container to allow the tabs to separate and to remove the main filtering area, trying to be carefully to not break the plastic container. Cleaning out the debris that was picked up was very easy and my garden hose on low pressure did a nice job of getting the filter area emptied and clean again.

Overall, I see this as useful in a spa or hot tub and additionally in an above ground pool that doesn't have a robotic vacuum. It is completely submersible and did an effective job in cleaning. On the negative side, the pole it too short, the cleaning attachment doesn't give a more pronounced angle to aid in cleaning while pushing the unit along the spa bottom (I would like the head to have the ability to be set into three different angles). Aside from those moderate issues, this is a great tool to have if you have the scenario I stated earlier where your robot vacuums just can't get to. The usefulness of this definitely justifies the cost.

very high quality

this pool clearner is very high quality. the material is very durable. it is also very useful as it is able to clean the wall and the floor without a problem. the battery life is very long and it does not require a long time to be fully charged. what makes this item worth the money is how much cleaner my pool got after using it. overall i am very pleased with this purchase.

WYBOT Osprey 300 Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
First time run = 128 minutes!

Our old vacuum died, so we decided to try this robot vacuum because I liked the advertised longer running time of 120-130 minutes, compared to the other cordless vacuums out there. I also liked the short recharge time of 2.5 hours.
According to the description, it seems like this unit is best suited for a pool with a flat bottom. Our pool does not have a flat bottom, but it doesn't have a steep slope either, and I still decided to give this unit a try.

Upon charging the unit until the indicator light turned green, I put the vacuum into the pool.
It vacuumed for exactly128 minutes(it was advertised to run for 120-130 minutes).
As you can see from the picture, the vacuum picked up a lot of gross stuff from the storm we had a few days ago.

So as of now, after the first run, I give it five stars based on:
1. Running for the advertised length of time
2. Good vacuuming ability
3. Charging port is on the top of the unit
4. Easy to retrieve the vacuum from the water
5. The light turns red when the battery dies

Works perfectly once securely snapped together.

Quality of construction - appears well made and durable. This really works quite well - I’m impressed. As you work this across the pool bottom, you can see it pull in dirt from within 2" - 3" or so around the outside of the vac head. So, it does have some amount of suction and does not spit out what it sucks up. This is fairly light weight and should not stress even the cheapest of pool poles.

Upon receipt I did an initial inspection, disassembly, etc. When I put it back together, I found the main pieces that snap together could be easily pulled apart by hand. It seemed odd that the snap system wasn’t that strong. I thought it was snapped together completely as the pieces seemed fully seated against each other. It actually takes a bit more force than one would expect to get the tabs to interlock properly, even if you feel everything is properly seated. If not snapped securely, it is possibly this won’t run as two white round button switches that contact the wire mesh basket assembly won’t be depressed enough and will turn the vac off.

I’m using this in a 14,000 gallon in ground pool. I ordered this for quick clean ups in between the weekly ones the pool robot handles. Dealing with the big robot is a hassle and not fast. This vacuum seemed like a great solution.

My video and pics show what it picked up in about 3 minutes of run time. I was concerned it wouldn’t trap fine particles, but it actually did - even stuff only my finest mesh pool net gets. And it did not spit anything it trapped back out. I went on to vac most of my pool - about 15 minutes total run time on a battery that I was too impatient to charge upon unboxing. Charger wall brick glows red when charging. When in use, LED on vac near power switch glows blue when charge is sufficient to use.

The 3 piece pole that comes with this is suitable for very small and shallow pools or hot tubs, otherwise plan on using a legit pool pole. Clean up was about a 60 second process. So far, I am very happy with this - a great solution for those of use with larger pools that need to do quick, intermediate spot cleaning.

WYBOT Osprey 200 Max Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Heavy D.
Love it!

I couldn’t be happier about it being pool season again! One thing I don’t miss however is the constant cleaning of our pool. Of course, I love a clean and clear pool, but it can be so time consuming. Thankfully, with this pool vacuum I can get more relaxation and less time skimming and sweeping. The vacuum has a strong suction, it picks up any dirt, debris, insects and leaves - all the stuff that settles on the bottom of the pool. My mom has a vacuum and I have saw her struggle with it because of the cords, it would always get tangled and was just more of a nuisance than a help. I love that this vacuum is cordless! There is no fuss with this one- I simply place the vacuum in the water and it’s off to work. Additionally, she would have to pull the cord to get the vacuum back to the stairs so that she could put it back in charge. I can’t rave enough about the good qualities of this cleaner. There is no chasing this vacuum down - when it starts to run low on battery it has self dock smart technology and it returns to a designated area for you to easily lift it out for recharging. It moves quickly but vacuums thoroughly, it can complete a larger pool in under an hour and a half. I am completely happy with this purchase. With the extra time I get to myself and the cleanliness of the pool it is totally worth every penny.

WYBOT Osprey 200 Max Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
works and effective

As a busy homeowner, I needed a pool cleaner that was efficient and didn't require me to be tethered to a power outlet. This robotic pool cleaner fits the bill perfectly, as it's cordless and runs on a long-lasting battery, with a battery runtime of up to 1.5 hours on a full charge. This vacuum delivers robust suction power, efficiently removing small leaves and debris from the pool bottom. Moreover, it features an IPX8 waterproof rating, ensuring that the device can operate safely in the pool water.

The vacuum's motor operates quietly, providing a noise-free cleaning experience that doesn't disrupt the serene ambiance of the pool area. I think it's equipped with some of kinds of sensors that enable the vacuum to detect obstacles, preventing collisions and hitting the pool's wall too hard which can damage the unit. Even though it's running pretty quiet, the motor has a strong suction power and is able to pick up even small debris and leaves that can accumulate at the bottom of the pool. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied and would recommend it!!!